There is too such a thing as bad publicity … but not today

Apparently the interview with me ran on 93.1 WIBC: Early yesterday I received a small flurry of book orders through the website, and at the same time my Amazon author ranking suddenly jumped to higher than it’s been since February, 2014. (And no, I have no idea what happened in February, 2014.)
It just goes to show: You never know when your promotion efforts are going to pay off. And I still don’t know. When a media outlet receives a press release, is it picked up, as in this case, by someone with an interest in history, humor, and trivia? Or does my e-mail get opened the next day by someone whose girlfriend just broke up with them? Who saw the title Hoosier Hysterical just after being called “hysterical” by that very same girlfriend? Who finds subtitles offensive? Holy cow—all my non-fiction works have a subtitle! I might as well call my next book Kiss of Death: How Subtitles Ruined My Writing Career.
I can always find a way to turn good news into paralyzing fear.
That’s why I do book signings, even though the time put into planning and promotion doesn’t usually match the income: You never know what it will lead to. One person hears about it even if they don’t attend; they tell a friend who’s into that kind of writing; they buy a book, then another that they give to their friend, who just happens to be the cousin of a New York book editor; and bam! Six figure contract.
It could happen.
Plus, it’s fun to meet people, even if it’s people you already know. But that brings me full circle, because if people don’t know about the book signing … well, there you go. That’s why I say things like “Come to the Noble Art Gallery in Albion, this Saturday between 1-5 p.m.!” It’s not because I want to annoy you. It’s to open up the possibilities.

Oh, Christmas tree ...

The Albion town Christmas tree (and a grand-twin) at the official lighting Friday.

Me on the radio, somewhere in Indiana

I’ve done an interview about Hoosier Hysterical: How the West Became the Midwest Without Moving At All with an Indianapolis radio station, 93.1 WIBC. Just to prove it really exists:

Once I got over the mind-numbing terror, I really had a good time talking with Terri Stacy, who seemed to have a genuine interest in Hoosier history and trivia. I don’t know when (or if, because things happen) the interview ran or will run, so if anyone happens to catch it, please let me know.

Terri also said she’d send the story along to the statewide news organization that WIBC is affiliated with, Network Indiana—so if all goes well, the interview could turn up anywhere in the state.

Kendallville Christmas parade

The theme of this year's Kendallville Christmas parade was Indiana's bicentennial ... which is also the theme of my newest book in a way, so great minds think alike.

And my grandson Brayden was in it! Sadly, his brother stayed home with strep throat.

Albion's Christmas parade

Albion's Christmas parade, tree lighting, and downtown open house was last night. Everyone had a great time, and congrats to all the people who worked so hard to make it happen. They even had a live reindeer, although sadly we had to leave before seeing it because one of the grand-twins was home sick (turns out he has strep throat). My high dollar camera had a smudged lens, which probably has something to do with the dog, but I got a few cell phone photos.

(Kendallville's parade was today--some photos of that later, probably tomorrow.)

I really didn't need the cold to put me in a Christmas spirit ... but the weatherman didn't check with me.

So THAT'S what happened to the Santa who used to be in my front yard!

You can't argue that it wasn't bright enough!

The horse didn't find me all that impressive.                 

What's in WhatzUp? Why, I am

Fort Wayne’s regional publications about what there is to do, WhatzUp, came out Thursday and … say …

Why, that’s my name on the cover! I’m actually above Mannheim Steamroller! I wonder what’s inside …

Why … it’s an interview with me! And anyone who can’t find a copy (I got mine at the Kroger’s in Auburn), can read the interview online:

Because that’s whatzup.